Dreaming About My Father

I’m a bit unsure about posting personal things here on my manga blog since I have many other blogs. But it seems that this might be the proper place since this blog will contain my thoughts, imaginations, stories and stuff. And hey, it’s my blog. I can do what I want. Just woke up at […]

Top Anime Theme Songs – My List

This is a compilation of my favorite anime songs. What makes up an anime theme song’s unique sound? Why do most Japanese songs sound refreshing to most of us Gaijins. They just have this certain ingredient that we’ve never heard of on any other music. Japan’s unique culture is no doubt one of the factors. […]

Today, I Am a Manga Artist!

Am I really a manga artist? Well, not actually a professional one. I don’t really know if I should call myself one. But after putting it off for so long, I came to conclude that the fastest way to make manga is to actually START. Yes, right now! I’ve been doing nothing but imagine how […]