Dreaming About My Father

I’m a bit unsure about posting personal things here on my manga blog since I have many other blogs. But it seems that this might be the proper place since this blog will contain my thoughts, imaginations, stories and stuff. And hey, it’s my blog. I can do what I want.

Just woke up at 2:53 am and the vivid dream I had is circling in my head.

The dream was set on our old living room. My father was lying on a divan while watching TV. I was seated nearby with a computer in front of me and my father behind me. I was playing a made-up dream version of Plants vs Zombies. I was also being attentive to what I was hearing on the TV in a manner that is common to most kids. My mother was initially not seen. She was probably in the kitchen.

After a while, my mother appeared on the living room. I turned my head towards my back where my father was lying. He wasn’t there anymore. I turned to my mother, “Where’s Daddy?” I asked. Immediately after finishing that sentence, I suddenly realized that my father had died a long time ago. My mother quickly replied, “He was just there awhile…”, She suddenly stopped and kept quiet. No doubt she also realized that father has been dead for a long time. I asked her, “You dreamt about him too, didn’t you?”. Though that was more of a vision than a dream since we were both awake (in the dream).

When I did wake up I thought that the dream should seem like one of those short horror stories you normally read on the internet. But it didn’t seem that way. It was not scary at all for me. It actually kind of made me feel both sad and happy. I was realizing how my father was a very normal part of our lives not so long ago. He still is a part of me to this day even though I only get to see him in my dreams.

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